What Next for Hamilton After Split with Coach Angela Cullen?

Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time and has worked with performance coach, Angela Cullen, for many years. The Englishman has won the Formula One World Championship 7 times, leaving him equal with Michael Schumacher. However, Hamilton’s most recent championship victory came in 2020 and he will be aiming to put that right by tasting success in 2023.

By failing to win the championship in 2022, it was the first time since 2013 that more than a single Formula One season has passed without Hamilton winning the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship.

Hamilton will be determined to taste success in 2023 but has recently announced a split with Cullen. Could the end of the partnership with Cullen make the task of winning Formula One more difficult?

Who is Angela Cullen?

Angela Cullen was originally hired as a physiotherapist for Lewis Hamilton but became much more than that during her seven years with the Formula One driver. Born in New Zealand, Cullen was a hockey player in her youth and played at international level.

Cullen joined the England Institute of Sport, working as a physiotherapist having gained a degree in health science and physiotherapy. During her time with the English Institute of Sport, Cullen worked with athletes from UK Athletics, the British triathlon team, and the British Olympic team. Having also worked with the New Zealand Academy of Sport, Sport New Zealand, and SPARC High Performance, Cullen joined the Hintsa Performance company before assuming the role of Hamilton’s physiotherapist and assistant in 2016.

The Relationship Between Hamilton and Cullen

Cullen grew to become more than a physiotherapist and assistant to Hamilton. She was always close to him around the paddock during Formula One races and there is no doubt she had a positive impact on his performances. When making the announcement of their split, Hamilton seemed emotional and that underlines how close the pair became during Cullen’s time with Hamilton and Mercedes.

Speaking about the split with Cullen, Hamilton said, “For the last seven years Angela Cullen has been by my side, pushing me to be the best version of myself. I am a stronger athlete and a better person because of her.

“So today I hope you’ll join me in wishing her the very best as she takes her next steps to pursue her dreams. Thank you for everything Ang, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.”

Cullen also took to social media and part of her comments underlined their bond. Cullen said, “And Lewis Hamilton you GOAT!! It’s been such an honour and pleasure to stand alongside you I’m so proud of you and everything you have achieved. Thank you for supporting me, believing in me and showing me the limitless potential we all have within us.”

No one really knows the reason behind the decision to part ways, but in our recently published article, Martin Brundle feels her family life may have played a large part in the decision .

How Will Hamilton Perform Without Cullen?

Having worked together for so many years and enjoyed great success as part of a team, how will Hamilton cope without Cullen in the paddock? Will Formula One fans be turning to their mobile to bet on F1 and backing Hamilton for success in 2023 or will punters be looking elsewhere for winners this season?

Hamilton will continue his quest for a record eighth Formula One World Drivers’ Championship without Cullen, which is not good news for his hopes of landing the title. Not only did Cullen support Hamilton during the race weekend, she was often seen with him during training and it is going to be tough for Hamilton to adjust to life without her.

Hamilton will have to find someone new to fill the role left by Cullen and that is not going to be easy. Having worked closely with the same individual in such a high performance environment, Cullen is going to be extremely difficult to replace. However, when on the race track, only Hamilton can control the car and he will be fully focused on winning the Formula One World Championship. In his first race following the decision to split with Cullen, Hamilton finished in fifth place, which left him on 20 points in the overall standings. Nothing lasts forever and Hamilton will need to move on quickly to ensure he is competitive this season.
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