Christian Horner insists he will chastise Verstappen

Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull Racing, has confirmed that he will hold discussions with Max Verstappen following the driver’s disregard for team orders during the Spanish Grand Prix. 

Verstappen ignored instructions to avoid pushing to the limits of the track to achieve the fastest lap due to concerns about receiving a penalty for repeatedly exceeding track limits.

Despite the warnings, Verstappen maintained his lead from the start and secured victory in Barcelona, marking his fifth win of the season, and secured the bonus point for fastest lap. 

However, his position could have been less comfortable as he received a black and white flag for exceeding track limits. Verstappen continued to push for the extra point, coming close to incurring a five-second time penalty if he had crossed the white lines on the track once more during the race.

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While Horner remains relatively calm about the situation, he revealed that he intends to have a conversation with Verstappen to address the incident. 

Horner humorously likened Verstappen’s relationship with his engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase, to that of an old married couple, as their radio exchanges seemed like a debate over which channel to watch.

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Horner explained the engineer’s role in managing Verstappen, stating: “The engineer is trying to manage Max and say, ‘Don’t take any risks, bring it home and keep it between the lines.’ Max, I think he wasn’t aware he was exceeding the limits and he just wanted that extra point for the fastest lap.”

When questioned about his plans to discuss Verstappen’s defiance of team orders, Horner expressed a relaxed demeanour. However, he acknowledged the importance of having a conversation with his driver. 

Horner emphasised that if the situation had involved higher stakes, the discussion would have a firmer tone. Ultimately, Horner believes that Verstappen, being in the car, is aware of the consequences of his actions and has control over his decision-making process.
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