Fernando Alonso puts a target on Lewis Hamilton’s back

Aston Martin experienced a disappointing weekend at Fernando Alonso’s home race, as the Spanish driver failed to secure a spot among the top four throughout the event. 

Alonso, however, remains optimistic and is confident that he and his team will stage a comeback in Canada to reclaim their position in the championship standings.

Following the race in Barcelona, where Mercedes showcased their dominance over Ferrari and Aston Martin, Alonso expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that Mercedes has now overtaken his team in the championship. 

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell secured second and third place respectively, demonstrating their team’s strength. 

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Although they were unable to challenge Max Verstappen for the top spot, they did manage to outperform Sergio Perez of Red Bull Racing, who had to start the race from the 11th position. 

As a result, Mercedes has now surpassed Aston Martin in the championship standings.

When asked about his concerns regarding the strong performance of Mercedes, Alonso responded, “It’s only one race… In Canada, we [will] demolish them. 

“I leave here happy because qualifying was our pain point. I came back well from my starting spot.

“We limited the damage. Mercedes made gains among the constructors, but we have outrun Ferrari. I’m happy with that.”

Despite the setback in Barcelona, Alonso remains positive about Aston Martin’s potential for success in future races. He believes that their qualifying performance, which has been a challenge for the team, can be improved. 

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Alonso’s determination to make a strong comeback in Canada reflects his confidence in the abilities of both himself and the team. 

As the Formula 1 season progresses, the competition between teams intensifies, with each race presenting new opportunities and challenges. 

Alonso’s optimism and drive to overcome setbacks will undoubtedly fuel Aston Martin’s efforts to regain their position in the championship standings and prove their competitiveness on the track. 
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