Aston Martin ready for to ditch Mercedes

Aston Martin, currently a customer of Mercedes engines, is already laying the groundwork for its transition into a works team with Honda engines in the 2026 Formula 1 season. 

This strategic move comes as their performance in the 2023 season fell short of expectations, despite initially challenging Red Bull for supremacy.

Aston Martin’s Team Principal, Mike Krack, acknowledged their performance shortcomings, stating, “Our updates have not been as successful as we expected.” 

Krack hinted at a need for a change in development strategies, remarking, “We wonder if our methods and direction of development were correct, so the necessary changes will have to be made for the future.”

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To bolster their efforts, Aston Martin has invested in a new factory and plans to establish an on-site wind tunnel. 

Furthermore, preparations for the collaboration with Honda are already in progress. 

Aston Martin’s Engineering Boss, Luca Furbatto, explained, “Currently, we are purchasing the gearbox and the rear suspension from Mercedes. 

“In 2026, we will reach works team status with Honda, and much will change as we embark on new projects for the car.”

Aston Martin has set its sights on joining the elite ranks of Formula 1, aiming to compete with teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull. Furbatto emphasised the significance of this move, stating, “Since the introduction of hybrid power units, only works teams have won the world championship. 

By 2026, with a power unit from Honda and our own gearbox, we’ll have control of our own destiny. 

“If we want to take the next step towards winning, this is what we have to do.”

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Furbatto revealed that discussions with Honda are already underway, demonstrating the commitment to the partnership. 

“Meetings and catch-ups with Honda are already taking place,” he said. 

“The 2026 engine is developing rapidly, and we’re exchanging ideas, with Honda responding incredibly positively.”
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